Yes, you want to get rid of the unwanted hair on your body!

But what’s the best way to do it? There’s so much information and misinformation on the internet that makes it difficult to go for that one ideal choice that serves the best purpose. Don’t worry, you won’t be slapped with too many options here. Keep reading and look at our top three choices when it comes to Hair Removal for Women

#1 - Body Razor

When it comes to razors, the fear of getting cuts, Razor Burns and ingrown hair is real. When it comes to body razors it is super important to understand your goals and preferences. For some the biggest issue would be their sensitive skin and some might be looking for an easy-to-glide razor. A good example of a Body Razor that has got it all is the Roll Play Body Razor by Bombae. 

Areas Covered

Underarms, Legs, And Bikini Areas

Best Body Razor


Steps to Use Bombae Body Razor for Women

Step 1: Take a shower for a few minutes. This softens the hair follicle and makes shaving easy.

Step 2: Apply a pre-shave gel or cream of your choice. This adds a protective layer to your skin and makes sure your razor glides easily on your skin.

Step 3: Pick your razor and go for short and light strokes. Don’t put too much pressure on your skin with your razor. 

Body Razor for Women


Step 4: When you’re done shaving, moisturise your skin to avoid skin dryness. Following this religiously keeps your skin hydrated, and glowing.

Pros: They help you achieve smooth, clean, soft, and hair-free skin easily.

Cons: If correct methods are not followed you might experience nicks, cuts, and skin irritation.

#2 - Bikini Trimmer

Trimming the hair around the bikini area is not the same as other parts of the body. The skin down there is delicate and needs more care and attention. That’s when a Bikini Trimmer comes into the picture. While other methods of bikini hair removal like waxing and shaving bring pain, a bikini trimmer makes sure you’re not in pain when it comes to trimming hair around your bikini area. Additionally, the bikini trimmer is far away from the skin. Be very sure that you won’t see any ingrown hair after using them.

Areas Covered

Bikini Area, Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin Hair, Peach Fuzz, And Underarms.

How does it work

The Bombae Bikini Trimmers for Women are designed with precision and safety in mind. They have sharp blades that move rapidly when you switch them on. This rapid movement cuts the hair at the length you want which means precise grooming and reduced chances of cuts or skin irritation.

Steps to trim your Bikini Area

Step 1: The skin around the bikini area is very sensitive. Before you get your hands on the trimmer you need to get your skin ready for it. Learn the steps here:

Step 2: Start with washing your intimate area, 

Step 3: Use the 6-in-1 Sensitive Areas Trimmer and start trimming the outgrowth.

Step 4: Pull the skin in the upward direction for a close and clean shave.

Step 5: Start trimming hair from the sides of your intimate area and keep trimming till you achieve the desired length. 

Bikini Areas Trimmer


NOTE: Remember, the part where you pull your skin up is crucial as this reduces the chances of any nicks and cuts.

Pros:  they allow you to trim and shape your hair around the bikini region in a way that suits your preference and comfort.

Cons: when you overuse and go with the improper technique it can be uncomfortable and you might hurt your skin down there.

#3 - Face and Eyebrow Trimmer

Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows with precision, they efficiently remove excess hair from your face and eyebrows that enhances your overall appearance. Not only are they effective in sculpting your hair game but they are a painless alternative to traditional Eyebrow and Face Hair Removal methods like threading.

Areas Covered

Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin Hair, Peach Fuzz.

Face and Eyebrow Trimmer

How does it work

They have sharp blades that move around in different directions to chop off the hair. For more precision, you can adjust settings so you can make sure your hair is trimmed to the length you want.

Steps to use Bombae Face and Eyebrow Trimmer

Step 1: Clean your face first and comb the eyebrows to remove any tangles

Step 2: Pick the trimmer head of your size. If you're doing it for the first time, start with a longer head.


Bombae Face and Eyebrow Trimmer


Step 3: With gentle and slow strokes, trim the excess unruly hair of your eyebrows and follow the natural shape of your brows.

Step 4: Depending on the area you want to trim, attach the trimmer head or eyebrow head and proceed slowly using a light touch.


Face Trimmer for Women


Step 5: Complete the process by applying a skin-soothing post-shave balm or lotion.

Pros: Face and eyebrow trimmers save you a lot of time. With them, you can get done with these tasks quickly and precisely. It reduces the need to visit the salon too often. 

Cons: The result might now be long-lasting comparatively, and you might find yourself trimming your eyebrows and face hair quite often.


To sum it up, we can say when it comes to hair removal methods for women, there are too many options available, and that makes it more complicated. The basic principle you need to follow here is to go for the methods that fit your needs the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any specific maintenance tips for a body razor?

A. Clean your body razor after each use to prevent clogs and maintain hygiene. After washing it, dry your razor and store it in a dry place away from moisture.

Q. Can I use any trimmer to trim my bikini area?

A. No, you should not use any trimmer to trim the bikini area as it is not designed to tackle the hair down there, and you can hurt your skin.