Bikini Razor (Pack of 2)

Gentle Shave | No Nicks, No Slips

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Body Razor | RollplayGLOW

2X smoother | Unique roller design

MRP ₹329₹199
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Detan body wax strips | Shea-r smooth (Pack of 8)

Arms | Legs | Underarms

MRP ₹129₹99
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Brightening body wax strips | Aloe-ha glow (Pack of 8)

Arms, Legs, Bikini | Aloe smooth

MRP ₹129₹99
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Sensitive areas trimmer | Fuzzoff

No nicks, not cuts | Brow to bikini

MRP ₹2,250₹999
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Lavender shaving foam

Magic mousse | Lavender & Oats

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Hair Removal Spray | Lavender - 200g

Instant detan glow | With sponge

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Body Razor | Defender Flexipro

Buttery smooth | Rose fragrance

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Body Razor | Rollplay Pro

2X Smoother | Lifelong shaves

MRP ₹649₹499
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Body Razor Refills | Rollplay

100% smooth | Long-lasting

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Body Razor Cartridges | Defender Flexipro

One-stroke smooth | Anti-clog

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Hair Removal Cream | Shea Butter, 100g (Pack of 3)

Salon-smooth | Shea softness

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Bearberry Body Yogurt

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Hair removal cream | Shea butter (100g)

Salon finish | Shea-r smooth

MRP ₹255₹75
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Ultimate Shave Set

Body razor + Face razor + Aloe gel

MRP ₹773₹599
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Body Razor and Refills | Rollplay Pro

1 Razor | 1 Holder | 2 Refills

MRP ₹1,148₹899
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After-Shave Soothing Gel

Ice-cool | Fitkari & Aloe

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Bombae Body Care

Body care is an indispensable part of a gal’s life. In today’s fast paced world, grooming is a means of caring for yourself. It is a way to pamper yourself while acknowledging your uniqueness. Whether it's shaping your eyebrows with precision, effortlessly removing unwanted hair, or experiencing smooth skin, Bombae has got you covered. A world that’s trying to press unrealistic beauty standards, we embrace your individuality, Bombae’s Body Care products are designed keeping in mind your skin and its needs. Our thoughtfully curated selection of trimmers, body razors, body wax strips, and hair removal creams are designed to elevate your body care routine to a delightful and empowering experience.

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Rollplay Body Razor

India’s only Razor for Women with a built-in roller powered by Rola-tekTM technology. Designed for sensitive skin for a faster and smoother shaving experience. Multi-use rollerblade that lasts up to 3 months, so no worrying about changing cartridges every now and then. 360 moisture band infused with Aloe Turmeric Gel, jojoba oil & vitamin E that add moisture to your skin as you shave. 5 Swedish steep precision blades with platinum coating for the closest and cleanest shaves ever. Ergonomic and eco-friendly anti-slip handle made from recycled ocean plastic that reduces nicks and cuts and also keeps your carbon footprint on the environment in check. It also comes with a magic holder which can be wall mounted to keep your razor dry and rust-free for long.

6-in-1 Sensitive Area Trimmer

Designed to effortlessly shape your eyebrows and remove upper lip hair, chin hair, peach Fuzz, Bikini Line, and underarms. Suitable and gentle on every skin type. The trimmer can be used in the shower and super portable to carry as an add on for any trip. In the box you get 1 precision styler head for face and eyebrows, 1 trimmer head for bikini and underarms, 2 styler combs for length-based styling, 1 cleaning brush, 1 AA alkaline battery, and a pouch to carry it all everywhere. We are so sure about this trimmer that you get 1 YEAR WARRANTY - no questions asked.

Defender Body Razor

Remove the finest hair and reduce uneven hair growth with one stroke. The 3-Optimally spaced blades with FLEXBLADE technology helps you to make longer strokes even in the tricky areas, like knees and elbows. Use effortlessly and glide smoothly on your skin even during showers with an anti-slip grip. When you’re done shaving, place it on the wall with the help of a suction cup to keep it safe from water and rust.

Disposable Body Razor

This is something for all the times when you have no time. This Disposable Body Razor is your friend for those QUICK times to remove the finest hair gently. The attached lubrication strip, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, gives you a smooth, irritation-free body hair removal. GO and conquer those tricky curves like knees, elbow, etc with two-way flexi blades effortlessly.

Wax Strips

Easy and quick to use Full Body Wax Strips, enriched with moisturising shea butter, suitable for dry skin. 25% wider strips to remove even the finest hair from larger body surfaces quickly. Dermatologically tested and made to keep your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours, and smooth for up to 28 days. Safe to use and remove short hair from bikini line, underarms, arms and legs. Post-waxing, use coconut enriched soothing wipes for a perfect finish (also included in the pack)

Hair Removal Cream

No darkening and no drying, just mess-free, smooth hair removal with this Hair Removal Cream. Switch to a smooth skin in just 3-6 minutes. Use the spatula to spread and remove the hair effortlessly from your arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Enriched with shea butter and soothing aloe vera that moisturises and soothes your skin as you use it. Dermatologically tested and safe to use Hair Removal Cream for Women.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are there any specific usage instructions for the Hair removal cream?
    A. Yes, users can follow the provided instructions, and we recommend you to go through them thoroughly in order to ace the application and removal process effectively and safely.
  • Q. How long does the Rollplay body razor's blade last, and what benefits does Rola-tekTM technology offer than the other razors?
    A. The Rollplay body razor blades can last up to 3 months. Rola-tekTM technology is a unique feature that uses the built-in roller of the razor to provide a faster and smoother shaving experience, while reducing the chances of irritation and discomfort during shaving.
  • Q. What are the side effects of the hair removal creams by Bombae, and is it safe to use on sensitive areas?
    A. Our hair removal cream is dermatologically tested and safe to use on the skin. However, you should always do a patch test before using it on sensitive areas to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
  • Q. Are there any special instructions or precautions for these body care products during pregnancy or for people with skin conditions?
    A. Since this is highly subjective,the products may work differently on everyone, considering their skin conditions. We advise you to consult a dermatologist before using new products during pregnancy or if you have any specific skin concerns.
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