Face Shaving For Women: How To Shave Your Face For Flawless Skin

Face Shaving For Women: How To Shave Your Face For Flawless Skin

We love the internet. We really, really do. But one thing it does a lot is confuse the living hell out of us about a lot of things. One such thing is Shaving for Women. Some videos can’t stop praising its benefits and then there’s a vigilante group that also warns us against this growing trend. So before we get into the process of shaving your face, let’s start with the pros and cons. 

Full disclosure, before we begin, we’re total fans of the razing as shaving your face helps remove excess oil, and debris from your skin, hence revealing a brighter-looking skin. Face shaving also makes it easier to apply makeup and it increases your skin’s product absorption rate. But we’re not denying some possible problems that some of us may face based on our skin type. Shall we start? 

Pros and Cons of Face Shaving For Women

If you have facial hair, it can be of two types: peach fuzz and terminal hair. Peach fuzz is a fine, near-invisible collection of hair around your cheeks and forehead. It is very light in colour and can be observed when observing your face against a source of light. You may be surprised to know that the purpose of this fuzz is said to be to regulate the temperature and sweating on your face. 

The other kind of hair is terminal hair which is darker and coarser and grows around the upper lips, lower lips, sideburns, neck and chin. This is more perceptible and this is what we get removed by threading and waxing. But should you go all in with a razor and raze it all over to reveal a hair-free face? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Pros of Face Shaving For Women

Cons Of Face Shaving For Women

  • It reveals a smoother skin
  • Helps your skin look brighter
  • It helps makeup look smoother and last longer
  • It enhances your self-confidence
  • Shaving can lead to skin irritation if done using the wrong tools or the incorrect method
  • It can lead to ingrown hair
  • For some people, it might cause skin dryness

Face Shaving for Women

Tools You Need To Shave

Shaving Razor For Women: Our skin is not just softer than our male counterparts but is also relatively thinner in composition. So, unlike the razors that are designed for guys, we need something gentler yet effective. You need to pick a razor designed for sensitive skin, like the Glam Up Range of Beauty Razors. It removes even the facial hair allowing you to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz and other types of facial hair comfortably, safely and easily.

Shaving Gel:  This one’s equally important as it adds the much-needed lubrication to your skin for easier razor glides on the skin. Pick a shaving gel made for sensitive skin, like the Aloe Turmeric Shaving Gel from Bombae. Formulated with aloe vera and turmeric, it is loaded with skin healing and antiseptic properties making sure your face is calm and collected. And expect no redness and no bumps after shaving – only smooth AF results.

Moisturiser: You don’t want to leave your skin high and dry after a shaving session which innately zaps those natural oils and removes a good amount of moisture from the skin, so hydrate it like a thirsty cactus with a good moisturiser. All it takes is a dollop of moisture to restore the lost moisture. Replace a regular moisturiser with an Aloe Vera Gel for an extra boost and also get any itching sensations out of the way immediately. 

Step By Step Guide To Shaving Facial Hair 

Now that you have all the tools in your kitty, here's how you shave like a diva and turn your face into a smooth canvas in no time: 

Shaving Facial Hair


Step 1, Clean-up: Start with a mild cleanser to wash away any traces of dirt or makeup from the skin. You don’t want any build-up or impurities to come in the way of the steps to follow.

Step 2, Prep-up: Now grab a shaving gel. It works as an added layer of shield for your skin. Think of it like a lube for your razor, which prevents razor bumps and allows for the razor to glide smoothly for a perfect de-fuzz session.

Face Razor

Step 3, Raze-down: Hold your razor at a sweet 45-degree angle, and shave in a downward direction with short, gentle strokes. Think of this as petting a very smooth furry cat but sideways.

Step 4, Cool-down: Next up is cool water. Rinse your face with cool water and let the open pores on your skin, comfortably close. Quickly follow it up by patting the skin dry. Never rub your face like a brutal beast. 

Shaving for Women

Step 5, Soothe: Shaving, as a process, strips off some degree of natural oils and moisture from the skin, which can result in dryness. So, make sure you finish with a soothing moisturiser, preferably with naturally hydrating agents like aloe vera. 


We’ve come a long way, past the dilemmas of Face Shaving for Women. But it’s a sensible journey and leads to amazing results, without the taboos like growing back thicker and coarser hair once your skin touches the blades. But it’s very important to do it right. After all, it’s razors and they’re sharp. You don’t want to end up getting hurt. Just follow the steps and use the right arsenal to get the job done and like everything else we’ve tried our hands on, you’ll be the mistress of the shaving game too. So, grab a razor ‘coz YOLO. 


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