5 Affordable Products To Get Korean Glass Skin

5 Affordable Products To Get Korean Glass Skin

Baes of our tribe, put your hands up and make some noise for the Koreans! They gave us sops to binge on, K-pop stars to flicker our hearts and some beauty trends that have just done us for. Think poreless, even-toned and dewy skin, with the light bouncing off your face like a crystal ball (well, not literally). It is beyond just a fad amongst beauty enthusiasts and has been gaining a lot of attention lately. And to your surprise, everyone can achieve this Korean Glass Skin. Here we’re listing out 5 things that you can do at home to achieve a complexion so clear, so smooth, and so plump that it practically glows like glass. 

Here’s How To Achieve It

Add these tricks to your daily skincare routine and get that flawless Korean Glass Skin in a matter of weeks. 

Sugar Scrub

This is a natural potion, packed with tiny granules that buff away dead cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin underneath. Plus, the massaging action gets your blood pumping to the desired area of your skin, giving your complexion a healthy, natural flush.

Here's how you can make your own Sugar Scrub at home. Grab a cup of any sugar you like – white or brown! Take some coconut oil in liquid form and add it to the cup. For an extra boost to the mixture, add a few drops of lemon for Vitamin C. If you’re actually a fan of DIY and don’t mind some hard work, add a splash of herbal haven with rosemary, lavender or mint.

Sugar Scrub at Home

Now, dampen your face and massage this scrub on your skin. You can do this on your elbows, knees, or any part of your skin craving extra attention. Gently scrub your skin in a circular motion for 10 minutes, letting the sugar work its magic. Then rinse the solution completely with water and pat your skin dry. Voila! Your journey to radiant, soft skin has started! Remember, homemade scrubs are like fresh-baked cookies – best enjoyed when fresh. Whip up a new batch every week or two for an ongoing glow.

P.S. Don’t use the scrub if you have a cut, a bruise or acne, as this will further inflame the condition.

Dermaplaning or Face Razor

Achieving glass-like skin is not a one-step process. Your skin becomes a blank canvas ready to take the benefits of your skincare products after you’re done with exfoliation (with your new home-made scrub like above). Now before you put anything else on your skin, add a monthly dermaplaning or shaving ritual to your beauty calendar, using this beauty Face Razor For Women

Face Razor to Remove Facial Hair


Here’s how to use a face razor to remove facial hair and get a glorious glow. 

Step 1: You start with first exfoliating your skin (which you’ve already done above). This will remove all dead skin cells from the surface and clean your pores. 

Step 2: Then soak your face with a hot towel. If that’s not readily available, you can replace it with a quick splash of lukewarm water to open up the pores and make the hair to be removed soft. 

Step 3: Next up is a light yet protective layer. Unlike men’s facial hair, our fuzz is made of thinner and lighter hair strands, so you can replace Shaving Foam with an Aloe Vera Gel. This serves as a lubricant and allows for easier and smoother razor glides. 

Step 4: Then you shave with a good Face Razor at a 45-degree angle, using short and steady strokes in the direction of hair growth. It’s important to glide the razor towards hair growth to prevent skin irritation. 

Step 5: Once done, wash your face with cold water and apply an alcohol-free post-shave balm to soothe the skin. 

Face Razor for Women

The process helps remove the peach fuzz and pesky hair from your skin and works like magic for your skin too – by increasing your skin’s ability to absorb products and adding a healthy sheen to your skin. Post dermaplaning, you need to pamper your skin with a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum and a hydrating Sheet Mask, both of which work great together for a moisture boost. These steps get you one step closer to achieving the Korean glass skin that not only looks flawless but also keeps your skin healthy in the long run.

Rice Water

This may be new for most of you (even I didn’t know this till very recently, so I'm super excited to share). Rice water helps repair sun damage and also boost collagen in the skin. Collagen is the girl responsible for your skin’s elasticity and keeping it bouncy and youthful. 

Here’s how to use the rice water on your skin. 

Rice Water

Step 1: Boil some rice (any kind, works!) and strain out the cloudy water. Don’t throw it out, this is what you’re gonna need. 

Step 2: Keep this liquid in a jar for 2-3 days, letting it ferment into a bubbly potion. 

Step 3: After 2-3 days your face-loving concoction is ready to work its magic. 

Step 4: Now, simply apply this rice water on your face after you’re done washing your face (or exfoliating it, depending on which day it is). Think of it as a replacement for your toner. You could do it with your fingers or soak a cotton pad in the rice water and give your face a mini spa treatment. 

Step 5: Rinse with cool water and enjoy your hydrated glow. 

Bonus tip: You can store it in a refrigerator for extra shelf life, and use it daily.


This golden sticky sweetheart that we love in our lemon tea is packed with antioxidants. Applying it on your face doesn't just keep your skin hydrated, but also makes it glow like water in moonlight! Plus, it's loaded with other good-for-you nutrients that work their magic on your skin.

But here’s an interesting part. Not all types of honey are created equal. Avoid using the ones available in the supermarket, and look for some organic, raw honey.

The purer the better! Now, the fun part: 

Golden Goodness on your face

Step 1: Slather this golden goodness on your face thrice a week [once, if you have oily skin]. Think of it as a honey hug for your skin! 

Step 2: After a few minutes, rinse with cool water and say hello to a brighter, bouncier you.

It's gentle, effective, and seriously cost-effective. Plus, you get to brag about treating your skin to nature's best.

Vitamin C and E Serum

Vitamin C and E Serum

Our skin, like our bodies, craves for those essential vitamins to stay healthy and radiant. And just like popping a vitamin C or E capsule fuels our internal systems, topical serums packed with these antioxidant powerhouses can do wonders for our complexion.

These serums fight off free radicals that are responsible for dullness on the skin and also wrinkles. Apply a few drops of the serum every morning after a refreshing cold water cleanses, and watch your skin transform!

Here are some specifics: Vitamin C is like a collagen cheerleader, rallying your skin's natural production of this plumping protein. Vitamin E, on the other hand, acts like a shield, protecting your skin from environmental damage and keeping it hydrated. Together, they're an unstoppable duo for a tighter, brighter, wrinkle-free complexion.


The Korean beauty trend isn't just about masking. The secret lies in hydration, both inside and out. Every sip of water you take plumps your cells and flushes out toxins, giving your complexion that dewy bounce. Aim for eight glasses a day at least, especially in the winters when you tend to forget about this simple drink. 

Building a consistent skincare routine is an essential must. Cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection need to be included in your daily routine to maintain your skin’s health, keeping it strong and supple. For an extra boost, serums and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide can become your serious allies. Be patient, consistent and listen to your skin's needs. Soon, you'll be basking in a luminous glow that no filter can replicate!


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