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I'm new to face shaving, how do I get started?

It's super simple to get started with face shaving:

  1. Cleanse your face and pat dry.
  2. Apply a thick layer of aloe gel.
  3. Hold skin tight and glide Bombae face razor in a downward direction while applying as little pressure as possible.
  4. Apply aloe gel to moisturize and shine

Why are these called beauty razors?
Is the face razor reusable?
Does hair grow back thicker post shaving?

The good news is, that it clinically proven that hair does not grow back thicker or coarser after shaving.

Are face razors suitable for all skin types?

Glam Up Face Razors By Bombae

As the world comes to terms with our expression of ourselves, we continue to break the rules with newer and more fab ways to claim the world. One such thing is the rewriting of the beauty rulebook one stroke at a time with Glam Up – a beauty razor for girls for that desirable afterglow.

And watch out, because this ain’t any regular blade – it’s a rebellion in the world of razors, a rebellion against Hair Removal myths that stopped us from achieving ‘em beauty goals. Experience this to experience freedom and remove that peach fuzz with a glittery wand, because why not?

And let’s be real ladies. Waxing may be the queen of salons, but Glam Up is the salon in itself. It’s your makeup bestie, a Korean beauty secret kept for ages. The Glam Up experience is everything you asked for and a lot more. It's like a mini Korean at-home salon in your hands that lets you have it all if you choose to. Be it a sleek fuzz-free look or a radiant canvas ready for foundation or the bare-faced confidence, everything is just one step away.

But hey, Glam Up is also about your self-care revolution. So go on and wield your Glam Up razors because it's time to glam-up before makeup with our Glam Up Range:

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Glam Up Beauty Face Razors

Get a parlour-like finish for eyebrows, forehead, upper lips, lower lips, chin, peach fuzz & sideburns at home. Glam Up gently whisks away the traces of stray hair and dead skin deposits, sitting on the top layer of your face, leaving your skin feeling like so smooth and giving it a glass-like glow. Doing this before applying your makeup helps with better absorption of skincare products and preps your skin for the perfect makeup base. And yes, it’s not the typical wham bam one-time use, as one Glam Up Beauty Face Razor works flawlessly for up to 6-8 times.

Note: If you’re a PCOD warrior, we know what battles you fight every day. Make it a little easier with our Glam Up Beauty Face razors designed for the women of today like you.

Face Razors - No Fuzz Given

A smooth, painless, and quick way to get that salon-like smooth skin at home. Grab the Face Razor by Bombae and get a parlour-finish for eyebrows, forehead, upper lips, lower lips, chin, peach fuzz & sideburns. Get that smooth Korean-glass look with Bombae Face Razor For Women. An anti-slip grip designed to make sure you can groove as you make your skin smooth. A rust-free and high-precision blade for cleaner shaves without nicks and cuts.

Biodegradable Face Razor

Remove dead skin cells, fine hair, and debris on your face with our Biodegradable Face Razor from Bombae. The high-precision blades are designed for smooth shaves and it’s made out of 80% wheat straw, making it an eco-friendly choice. It is easy to hold with a non-slip grip, preventing accidental moves, and it stays rust-free for a longer time. And it’s not just about hair removal either, as it smoothly works its way up any debris, excess oil, and dead skin cells, blocking your pores. So, forget about only a smoother complexion and aim for something brighter after every use.

Next time someone throws that judgy brow at you, give them a flash of your smile (and maybe a bit of your blade's shimmer) and say, I'm a Glam Up girl, and I rock my definition of smooth.

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