Electric vs Manual Razors: Which Is Better for Women

Electric vs Manual Razors: Which Is Better for Women


Electric Shavers for Women are the convenient and safe choice when it comes to hair removal for women. The biggest reason as to why women  go for them is because of their time-efficiency, and  there’s no need for a shaving cream or gel. They have a protective comb above the blade that prevents the blade from coming into direct contact with skin, hence a reduced chance of nicks and cuts.

Manual Razors for Women are often the first choice when the goal is a much closer and precise shave. Some individuals find using a manual razor much more satisfying. Additionally, manual razors are not expensive, they are budget-friendly and exfoliate skin for a great makeup base. 

What Is An Electric Shaver

To begin with: They have floating blades that have a protective guard and foils above the shaving blade that prevent it from coming into direct contact with your skin. This makes it an ideal choice for the quick, convenient and hassle-free hair removal sessions. They are designed in a way by reducing the risk of slips during use. The floating blades of an electric shaver move laterally and cut the hairs against the edge of the protective foil.

Suitable for: Legs, Bikini Area, Underarms

Uses of electric shaver for women


What’s makes Electric Shaver for Women so good? 

  1. Quick, safe and convenient. 
  2. Usually done dry or wet Bombae 6in1 Trimmer
  3. Preferred by the people with sensitive ski.

What women tolerate about Electric Shaver for Women! 

  1. You need to use it frequently as hairless days go away too soon with the Electric.
  2. It also demands much more care and maintenance, which are regular cleaning of parts and changing batteries or the trimmer yearly or whenever it gets dull, whichever is earlier.

What Is A Manual Razor

To begin with: Work by gliding the blades over moistened skin to cut hair at the surface. The moistened hair is soft and it is much easier to shave. 

Suitable for which areas: Face, Legs, Underarms, Bikini Area

Manual Razor

What’s makes Manual Razors for Women so good? 

Effective, painless and also gently exfoliates dry, flaky skin on face and body to keep them looking extra-smooth. These razors are cost-effective and can either have a replaceable refill or can be a disposable razor . If disposable, you can replace the entire razor after five to eight  shaves or when the blade turns dull.

Disposable Reusable Face Razors are the top choice for makeup and skincare enthusiasts who want glowing Korean glass like skin.  Razors with refill on the other hand, come with detachable blades that you can easily replace when the blade becomes dull.

When it comes to choosing razor with refills go for the ones with a flexible head that easily glides as per the contours of your body just like RollPlay Body Razor from Bombae- India’s first razor with a roller.

Manual Razor For Women

What’s not so good about Manual Razors for Women

Shaving helps flaunt your beautifully smooth skin. You have to keep doing this frequently to maintain that smooth skin look. Another thing that you might need to look at is if you use it incorrectly, your might cut or nick yourself. To avoid this definitely try Bombae Rollplay Razor that gives 2x smoother skin without nicks and cuts and long lasting results. 

Which One Is Better

Choosing between an electric shaver and a manual Razor for Women comes down to personal preferences and individual needs. Electric shavers can be a great choice for women with sensitive skin, as they tend to be gentler and reduce the risk of nicks and irritation. They also offer convenience and are faster for daily use, which is appealing for busy women.

However, electric shavers may not provide as close of a shave as manual razors, which some women may prefer for special occasions or if they desire an extra-smooth finish. Manual razors, on the other hand, provide precise control and are better suited for shaping eyebrows or tackling areas that require fine detail work. They are also typically more affordable upfront, but replacement blades can add up over time. 

Which Is More Convenient

When it comes to convenience an electric shaver is straight away the most time-efficient shaving experience, so if you’re looking for something quick and fast, this is your thing. The reason they are fast is because unlike traditional methods of shaving you don’t need a shaving cream or gel, and there is no need for too many strokes.

However, the convenience factor changes from person to person, so women find manual razors more convenient because they are more familiar with them, and some surprisingly prefer the sensation of a close shave that these razors can provide. So if you're looking for a much closer shave and invest more time, manual razors are your thing.


To sum it up, when it comes to electric shavers and a manual razor, it depends on your preferences, cost, the time you can give into it, your personal preferences, skin type, and specific needs.

Regardless of whatever route you may take, always go for a proper shaving method, and maintain shaving tools to help you have a safe and effective shaving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do electric razors for women differ from those designed for men?

A. Electric razors for women have a different design, their shaving head is designed to flow smoothly along the contours of the female body. Some of them have hypoallergenic blades and attachments for sensitive areas.

Q. What is the recommended frequency for changing the blades on a manual razor?

A. If you use a disposable manual razor after every 5-10 shaves you might need to change the razor. Additionally, when you see the blades getting dull or notice a decrease in shaving performance.


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