"Who ever invented the bikini wax was an evil creature. Who said bushes need to be gone?!"

Preaching to this hero-tweet shared by American singer-songwriter – Solange Knowles’ in 2010, there has been a huge cultural shift in how we talk about body hair. The topic of body hair has been a taboo, especially in terms of hair ‘down there’. Up until recently, talking about your pubic hair was a huge no-no. From a very young age, the societal association of body hair with insecurity has taught women that a long hair is lovely and feminine, but only if it’s on their heads. Otherwise, it’s gross and unhygienic – especially female pubic hair. 

With the times transitioning from hair shaming to embracing your body hair unapologetically, it’s becoming essential to have complete confidence in your hair-down-there – owning it and giving it a personality of its own. Bolstering your own choices – whether shaving your pubic hair or sporting a full bush, it’s all about body positivity and feeling confident. 

Confused about which pubic hairstyle to go with? We have got you, bae! To guide you in your journey towards self-love and confidence, here’s a list of 5 most popular pube-style that are making a comeback or in trend.  

  • Going Au Naturel (i.e. the Big Bush)
  • As confusing as it may seem, we are not talking about the ex-American president the senior. The bush is obviously one of the most popular pubic hairstyles, a style in its own right – your natural hair in all its full glory. With the exception to laidback, carefree, and organically low maintenance, it is the default style that to start out, allowing to keep your genitals happy, healthy, and irritation-free.

  • The Landing Strip
  • This will be a great place to start if you just want to dangle your toes in the world of pubic hair. A landing strip style, also known as a French wax, has a subtle resemblance to a Bikini Wax. This hairstyle is trimmed and mounded to the same width as your natural fold, or slightly thinner, with the exception of the labia and hair along the bum crack remain untouched. A minimalistic look and an absolute classic, which surprise surprise can be attained as easily with a flexible and power packed trimmer. We’ve found the Bombae Fuzz Off Sensitive Trimmer to be one of the safest bets to get the best results. It is a great way to keep your pubic area neat without nuking all of the hair completely.

  • The Martini Glass 
  • Shaped like a triangle, this pubic hairstyle is easy to shape and adjust, reckoning as a martini glass. Simply Shave, trim, or wax the top and sides all the way down, making it way smaller as you shave the bottom into a thin line, ending just before your clitoris. An easy style to, ensuring to make your partner thirsty. This pubic design services as an arrow, providing a roadmap and ensuring to spice up a date night, saying ‘I am down to get funky’. Try getting this look with a glass of martini in your hand for best results, as long as you have a really trusty trimmer or Razor situation. 

  • The Vajazzle
  • This pubic design can make your playground sparkle. With the combination of words, vagina and dazzle, the term emphasises on the ways to get creative and dazzle your vagina, bae. From applying gems to your Pubic Area – which come in a variety of shapes and letters, to dying the hair, or even adding a temporary tattoo, this style can razzle-dazzle your confidence and your lover for those ‘special nights’. Get a professional to help you with this look for optimal results. 

  • The Silver Fox
  • Who ever said gray is only sexy on men cannot be more wrong! As you age with grace, embrace the gray-ness within. Taking up the classy look, and rather than shaving off or dyeing your gray hair, manoeuver your sensitive areas with Bombae’s sensitive trimmer Using this trimmer is fuzzing easy and fuzzing painless. with no-cuts, no nicks and no ouches.Groom the edges and create a sophisticated elegant look that makes your greys shine. And of course reflect the sagaciousness that comes with them. #IYKYK

    If you are interested in trying something a bit more creative all you need to do is get a trimmer, open the creative floodgates and #BreakTheHairarchy.