Men Vs Women Trimmer: Is it Really Different?

Men Vs Women Trimmer: Is it Really Different?

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And the baehive needs to know: that men and women trimmers are different.

Since a long time men and women have been using the same DIY grooming products. Be it razors or foam, and now even trimmers! The question should not be if it's okay for women to use men trimmers; but really why should or shouldn't women use men trimmers? Especially when the skin and hair types are different, the added features and utilities are different- does it even make sense to use the same trimmer?

Here is a list of red flags of why women should definitely not use men trimmers:

Red Flag 1: Head matters (no pun intended :p)

Men’s trimmer heads has a different and higher inclination than women. Women use trimmers on face, bikini, underarms and other high-contour body parts covering more surface area. Thus trimmers for women have differently tilted heads for smoother and efficient hair removal.

Red Flag 2: Difficult grips make way to often screams of oops and ouches!

Men trimmers by design are wide and slightly heavier. Women trimmers usually come with slender and anti-slip grips so that it is easier to hold and flexibly shave along contours like knees, underarms or even bikini areas. 

Red Flag 3: When they aren’t crafted for your sensitive areas!

Usually, trimmers for men serve lesser utility than a women’s trimmer. Trimmer for Women come with different attachments for eyebrows, underarms, and even bikini area. It is always better to use different attachments for different areas of the body, especially for sensitive areas to avoid cuts and ensure a smooth shave.

That’s why trimmer for women is a different land of wonder waiting to be explored! And we strongly recommend getting your own trimmer by keeping some simple tips to select the best trimmer for women:

  1. Check for different attachments with which you can trim different body parts
  2. Check for water-resistant trimmers
  3. Check for warranty
  4. Trimmer cleaning brushes are a must!
  5. Battery and runtime, so that trims never leave you hanging.

So Fuzz or no fuzz? You decide! But always use trimmers designed for women.

Good news for the baehive- Bombae fuzz off trimmers are here to deliver hair removal for you with 100% smoothness and 0% pain!


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