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12 hr-odour free protection

Say goodbye to smelly periods & stay comfy for longer time period

100% medical grade silicone

Soft, flexible, and made with 100% medical grade silicone

Revolutionary ring design

To easily remove the cup once done using it

No leaks & stains

No rashy bum & stains over your fav pants

Lasts up to 10 years

Environment friendly and saves you a lot of money annually

Comfy for any activity

Go for swimming, hiking, cycling & whatever else you want to do

Introduction to Menstrual cup by Bombae

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Does a menstrual cup hold more blood than a pad?
A menstrual cup collects roughly up to twice the amount more blood than a sanitary pad.
How do I use a menstrual cup in a public toilet?
Wash your hands. You can then take a small bottle of water into the toilet cubicle with you. Remove the cup, tip the contents into the toilet bowl, rinse with a small amount of water and re-insert.
Can I pee or poop when I’m using a menstrual cup?
Yes. The menstrual cup does not interfere with your ability to urinate or have a bowel movement.
Can I use a cup if I have never used a tampon or never had penetrative sex before?
Yes, anyone can use a menstrual cup! It is flexible, will adjust to your body without stretching your vagina, and is not at all painful.
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