Necessity is the mother of invention. This English proverb may be a top contender when it comes to inspirational quotes that drive us. However, with the pandemic, these words could not have felt any truer. The lockdown imposed on us has given adaptability a new meaning. Gone are the days when you would sit down to book salon appointments, with practices being replaced organically with at-home solutions. Necessity, then, has brought back the spotlight on Women’s Body Razors.

When it comes to choosing the best razors for women, the options are limited. Just like any other recommendation for safety razors, Gillette’s Venus has been the ultimate choice for many. But with the lockdown imposed, the need for ladies razors has never seen a demand so high. Therefore, is there an alternative that will give you a salon-like experience within the comforts of your home?


Body Razor


Bombay Shaving Company women's Defender For Her Razor provides you exactly that. The changing times require a modern design that is not only effective, but efficient as well. The Defender For Her makes a compelling case to become the next go-to hair removal razor for ladies. So, what makes it special?


Move over ‘function over form’. Why not have both? The ergonomic design of the razor immediately catches your eye. The lilac handle along with the trademarked FlexBlade technology guarantees you an easy-to-use, lovely-to-look-at form factor. The unrestricted movement along the contours of your body is possible only because of the blades, which pivot both ways. 


Body hair removal can be a task, especially when you have to do it by yourself. Along with this, razors have always been known to leave bumps or redness after a shaving session. The Defender For Her Cartridges solve both these problems easily. The anti-friction gliding strip has been added to the razor specifically to eliminate any kind of post-shave irritation. The blades have also been designed to accommodate longer strokes, so that you also save precious time during this process. Each cartridge lasts for at least 12 shaves.


One of the biggest problems that plague women razors of today is the effort that is put in cleaning them. The razors block up and there is no way to clear it up without risking damage to the blades.

Thankfully, the Defender For Her futuristic construction makes the other razors feel ‘so last year’. The anti-clog, easy rinse feature means that you don’t have to worry about hair clogging in the first place, let alone think about cleaning it later. So not only do you get a buttery smooth shave, you also eliminate any worries before your next shave as well!


Earlier, even the Best Razors for Women would lack in giving you that satisfaction that all your body hair was removed perfectly. With the Defender For Her, that is a definite possibility. The key reason for that is how it eliminates uneven hair growth. Since the blades are placed as such, this women’s razor covers a much larger surface area. This in turn makes ingrown hair a modern myth, providing you a shave that you can marvel at for days.

The Defender For Her is a revolutionary product, providing you an innovative grooming solution that not only goes toe-to-toe with the biggest competitors, but makes its own niche when it comes to being the preferred razor amongst women.