Reusable Menstrual Cup & Sterilizer Container

Portable | Leak-Free comfort

Worrying about leakage, staining, or being uncomfortable during your periods should be the last thing you should concern yourself with.

Introducing Bombae Menstrual Cups + Sterilizer that act as a great alternative to your conventional disposable menstrual hygiene products. Its ring stem design ensures easy and pain-free removal of the cup without any hassle. The sterilizer container is made of 100% Food Grade Silicone and can easily be folded to carry wherever you go. No discomfort, just flow in a clean cup!

Available in 2 sizes M & L.


1. Always wash your hands before insertion or removal of the cup.
2. Use it while only when on your periods.
3. Menstrual cups don't act as contraceptive.
4. If using an IUD, consult your gynae before using a menstrual cup
5. Once periods are over, store it in the pouch provided till the next cycle.

Size: M


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

As it has such huge capacity compared to the normal pads and reusable at the same time. May be it call be little uncomfortable when you use for the first time, but it will become super easy when you keep on using it. And the best part it we can sterilise it easily and also such easy to use.


This cup has changed the whole period game. It is so comfortable to use once you get used to it. I can now roam freely without worrying about the itchiness caused due to pads and the leaking problem. All is gone.
Try this and I swear there is no going back from using it forever


I have been using this cute little thingy for about 3 days now and that is when i am writing the review.
It’s super flexible hence it becomes very easy to insert follow the guidelines to understand it better.I would recommend anyone to switch from pads to cups and that to this one is the best in the market.


After searching about menstrual cups for a very long time, I decided to buy this. Though I was a little afraid to use it, I thought it deserves trial before rejection. Initially, it seems difficult to insert but with a quick internet search, and a bit of "I can do this" attitude will help you in successfully using it. once you get used to handling it (which can happen in one menstrual cycle) you will not look for a better alternative since you don't have to change every 6-7 hours. This a great product, give it a try. Also it a great way to reduce the wastage produced by sanitary pads or tampons, one-time investment.

Anuj Kumar

Finally i have stopped using tampons and napkins. This is the ultimate solution now for all the girls in the 21st century. One time investment for 5 years. It doesn't feel uncomfortable to use it. Yes it takes time to get used to it but later on you'll love it for sure, just like i do.

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