Personal Hygiene Duo | Menstrual Cup & Intimate Wash

1 Menstrual Cup | 1 Intimate Wash

MRP:₹499 ₹598 SAVE 17%

Love to take care of your intimates? We do too! That is why we have the perfect duo to take care of your personal hygiene and make you feel like a goddess! This personal hygiene duo containing a Menstrual cup and daily intimate wash is perfect for those who are looking to make their personal wellness easy breezy and stress-free. 

100% SAFE FOR YOU: FDA-approved menstrual cup for women in S, M, and L sizes with medical-grade silicone

YOUR CUP OF COMFORT: Comes in S, M, and L sizes for teenagers, women who may or may not have given birth, and women who have given birth

POCKET AND ECO-FRIENDLY: One cup lasts up to 5 years making it pocket-friendly and sustainable

EASY TO USE: Fold the cup into a U-shape from the rim and place it inside

STAYS SECURE: The cup pops open inside and stays in place due to the ergonomic grip

EASY TO REMOVE: Remove by pinching the ring stem of the cup and pulling out

Size: M


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I have been using intimate wash for a while now and hands down it has become a essential product to use in my daily routine.


Go for it, without a second thought. This was my first menstrual cup. Took me some time to understand the working and then Hola! It was the best hygiene decision I took.

Anuj Kumar

It's so comfortable. I get cramps for the first 2 days. It won't help much with cramps but it can't . But it made my menstrual easy and comfortable sometimes inserting cup may get stressing because you may feel it's messy but calm down . Also the intimate wash is great , Lightly scented and helps alot to feel fresh and healthy ! Cup + intimate wash purchase is just correct !!


12 hours protection.Comfortable easy to use and pull just need to get perfect size and know the trick you can not say it’s your period


My sister recommended me this menstrual cup and natural intimate wash. Menstrual cup has saved my life. I wish I had this in my teen age because this has been very helpful. It is pocket friendly and can be used for a longer period of time

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