We all know shaving is synonymous with rough patches, and it's most irritating when they arrive on the day we are about to leave for a date, party, or an important meeting. We can't wax everything; shaving is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of that unwanted hair on our body. No one wants those rough patches and red bumps, especially in winters, when there are many weddings to attend. Rough patches won't go with your beautiful ethnic outfit.

Well, worry, not ladies! We have got your back!

Let's first find out the reason behind these rough patches:

Mainly, rough patches occur due to friction from the razor and ingrown hair.

Your trusty razor causes those nasty little bumps and redness on your skin after shaving because it is not gentle on your skin. The ingrown hair on your body results from you not exfoliating your skin correctly and making it cause rough patches.

Ways to Prevent those Nasty Dry Patches

Here are some practical ways to guide you through the process of getting the perfect shave. All these ways will definitely help you prevent the little red bumps and dry redness. 

  • Never shave on dry skin

Shaving on dry skin is the worst you can do to your skin. If you shave on dry skin, there are higher chances of you getting cuts and irritation on your skin. And also, a dry shave will prevent you from having the most of shaving exfoliation. You must know your skin gets exfoliated when you shave, and by not letting it soften enough before shaving, you are not going to get that exfoliation.

It would be best if you shaved after bathing or at least letting your skin soak in warm water for five to ten minutes. It will help you get lesser cuts and will catalyze yours after shave exfoliation. 

  • Exfoliate before shaving

Winters are going to cause you dry flaky skin; that's the gift of winters. Exfoliating your skin before shaving is necessary for winters if you don't want your razor to clog with your dead skin and stop working.

  • Ladies! Don't use a men's razor

Men's razors are designed to deal with the hair growth patterns of Men's body and beard. They won't work efficiently on your skin, and it may cause dry patches. Choose a women razor specially designed for women, such asDefender for her razor from Bombay shaving company. It's the most effective straight razor which provides a guaranteed one stroke shave. Also, it does not cause cuts, irritation, and bumps. Not only that, it offers quick and close shave, utilizing FlexBlade Technology™. It has an optimal blade gap that prevents your hair from clogging the blades. The protective guards on the razor glide on your curves easily and provide an irritation-free shave. 

Defender For Her
  • Use shaving creams instead of soaps.

If in case, you are still using soaps out of laziness or because you think it's a good lubricant. Drop that idea now.

Yes, soaps do generate a lot of foam, but it doesn't mean it moisturizes your skin. Besides, soaps can cause astringent effects making your skin dry and flaky.

Instead of soaps, you should try out using shaving foams specially designed for shaving purposes. Bombay shaving company women has a great range of shaving foams to offer. The key ingredients like coffee, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and aloe vera are 100% natural and provide significant benefits to the skin. These natural ingredients also have anti-inflammatory properties, work as antioxidants, maintain PH levels of the skin, exfoliate the skin, and anti-ageing benefits. Lavender shaving foam is one of the best we offer. 

Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam
  • Properly moisturize your skin.

After shaving, it is essential to moisturize your skin after shaving to be adequately hydrated.

If your skin is hydrated correctly, it won't feel rough and flaky.

You can try out Bombay shaving company women's post-shaving gel for this purpose. It is packed with the qualities of witch hazel and essential oils rich in vitamins. It can smoothen, repair your skin, heal your cuts, ease the post-shave friction, and hydrate the skin well.

After-shave Soothing Gel


  • Replace razor regularly

Don't use a razor more than thrice, or leave it if it feels all clogged up and used up. Using the old razor, again and again, may not save you a lot of money but will irritate your skin.

Using a razor with clogged up razors will harm your sensitive skin and will undoubtedly cause significant cuts or dry patches.

If you always want to have enough razors and shaving essentials, buy a women's shaving kit from Bombay shaving company women. We have different shaving combos where you can choose your favourite; the combo has a cute little bag too, which you will not like to miss out on; you can also buy the razor value pack with a shaving set for women for having extra razors in hand.

Shaving Kit for women


The Bombay shaving company has the best to offer ladies, especially the products designed to nourish your skin and not load it up with different kinds of harmful chemicals.

All their products are made with 100% natural key ingredients such as charcoal, turmeric, apple spider vinegar, aloe vera, and tea tree, all of which are genuinely beneficial for your skin.

Bombay shaving company women 's products are also  SLS free, Parabens free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, and have no harmful chemical compositions.

The company tries to fulfil your requirements in the most natural ways, using wholesome ingredients scientifically proven to help your skin grow better.